Smart Technology

Digital transformation permeates all of our economic sectors, including agriculture. We are facing rapid technological developments that offer great potential but also require solid background knowledge. Many people are open to new technology, but there is a lack of information on what kind of investment in digital technology is worthwhile, which processes are involved & what training is available to understand opportunities and challenges.

Compared to other production systems, a far more complex understanding of processes is required in agriculture, which makes the development of smart technology more difficult. At the same time, new possibilities of data acquisition and evaluation open up completely new insights, lead to higher precision in management and enable the step-by-step automation of complex processes in biological systems. In addition, the use of digital technology opens up new ways for a more efficient use of resources, thus improving the sustainability of production processes. Transparency created by digitalisation also offers opportunities to integrate stakeholders and strengthen consumer confidence.


To achieve this:

– new technology is integrated into agricultural production processes in a reliable and long-term manner,

– the immense amount of data is put into the right context in a user-oriented manner and adequately interpreted,

– all stakeholders are given access to knowledge, skills and abilities to understand and implement new technology within the framework of farm management.

In order to meet these challenges, the “Advanced Technologies in Smart Crop Farming” course will provide both up-to-date information and basic understanding of so-called “smart” technology.